Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement

Project Description

Research shows that mentoring has a powerful impact on young people, providing them with the tools they need to make responsible decisions, stay in school, and reduce or avoid risky behavior. We work with Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement, a nonprofit organization, to help them promote several mentoring programs benefiting King County youth.

In 2018, we helped SCMM launch the highly successful “Our Best: Black Male Achievement Mentoring Campaign,” a program supported by the City of Seattle. “Our Best” was Seattle’s first-ever initiative to support quality, culturally anchored mentoring to improve opportunities and life outcomes for young black men and boys. We created a communications strategic plan and wrote copy for posters, newsletters and press releases.

In 2020, we revised the website to refresh and update content and include the addition of new Seattle CARES mentoring programs, now offered remotely: The Rising, funded by King County Best Starts for Kids, which brings support to six-graders in two pilot schools; and Community Wellness Circles, which give parents and guardians a safe space to de-stress, heal and learn how to better mentor their children.