Report to the Community

In November, the Institute for Prostate Cancer Research issued its 2023 Report to the Community. This advancement and outreach tool will be a centerpiece for IPCR’s $100 million fundraising campaign.  My company provided strategic communications and report content for the 2023 edition. We also wrote and edited the 2021 report — IPCR’s first community report.

The 32-page report highlights 10 exciting and impactful research projects that are creating breakthroughs in prostate cancer. To amplify their research, the Institute’s team of 45 dedicated physicians and researchers are collaborating with 15 other departments across the University of Washington campus and Fred Hutch, including the fields of engineering, math and computer science.

As a communicator, it was both inspirational and humbling to learn about IPCR’s new research and all the Institute is doing to fight prostate cancer. The doctors and investigators I interviewed are truly committed to helping thousands of men live longer and better lives.