Adding to my vocabulary

Last summer, I was contacted by the Institute for Prostate Cancer Research. This innovative research center was ready to undertake its first-ever annual report. The idea had been kicking around for two years but because of the pandemic never progressed beyond a table of contents.

IPCR’s stellar group of scientists and researchers would draft the articles and I would edit them. But I was determined we had to “translate” all technical terms like prostate-specific membrane antigen and xenografts into understandable concepts. It was this skill that I pitched to the client. The result was a some times challenging editorial project but very worthwhile overall.

The 24-page Report to the Community was published in December 2021. My services included developing the cover concept, creating the overall strategic direction, writing all headlines and subheads, and editing all stories or creating new content. At the end of the three months, I left with a greater appreciation and deeper gratitude for these scientists and physicians as they work every day to help heal a terrible cancer.