Saving a generation

Nationally, 40 percent of Black children are born into poverty; 86 percent cannot read or write at their grade level; and 10 percent have a parent in jail.  Parents or guardians, struggling to raise children and make ends meet, are at high risk for depression, substance abuse and domestic violence.

Seattle Cares Mentoring Movement offers several innovative programs proven to powerfully and positively change the lives of Black youth and families. In the Our Best program, the organization recruits and trains motivated Black men to mentor boys and teens of color, helping them stay in school, make wiser decisions, and increase their chances of a successful life. Our Best was launched in 2017 with a multi-year grant from City of Seattle. Another program, The Rising, funded by King County Best Starts for Kids, is currently available to six graders at two Seattle middle schools. (Sessions are held by videoconferencing due to the pandemic.)

Working with website designer Marlow Five-O, I wrote strategic content for the refreshed Seattle Cares website, just launched this month. I also provide media outreach and copywriting services for this group. I invite you to take a look at what this innovative organization is doing to change the lives of young people in our city.